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Question 16: Relationship Between Professional Development and Pro Bono?

What should the relationship be between professional development and pro bono services?


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Let’s Talk and Listen: The Future of Pro Bono

The need for legal services for low income Americans has never been greater than it is today. How can we frame a new way of thinking about and delivering pro bono legal services? Please add your ideas and insights to this conversation. You are invited to think creatively; don’t feel limited by concerns about resources or current realities. Imagine. Dream. Draw on your own experience, skills, and intuition, and respond as thoughtfully and thoroughly as you can. If you don’t like the question, say why and articulate your own perspective on the issue. Twice weekly, on Mondays and Wednesdays, a new question will be posted for your reflection and comments; you may comment on the current post as well as prior posts and responses.Please join the conversation now, invite your colleagues to do the same, and come back often to keep the conversation going. To see all comments for each question, click on the Recent Posts question links below. To read an individual's comment, click on the Question link BELOW the commenter's name.