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Question 7: Doing and/or Donating?

Some lawyers prefer to give money rather than their time and skill, and some legal services/pro bono organizations would also prefer this arrangement. Others favor both a monetary and personal commitment to pro bono work/legal services. How do you see this issue? What suggestions do you have?


Question 6: Role of the Judiciary?

What is the best role of the judiciary in promoting pro bono participation?

  • How can the courts be actively and effectively involved?

Question 5: Role of Law Schools?

What suggestions do you have for law schools that would result in the graduation of students committed to access for all?

Question 4:How Best To Engage Law Students?

What methods have you found most effective in engaging law students in pro bono?

  • What type of legal work have you found is both most appropriate for law students and helpful for clients?

Question 3: Innovative Models That Work?

What innovative, creative models already do or would result in increased legal services for low income individuals and communities?

  • Are there new ways of thinking about the delivery of legal services that would result in meeting more need?

Question 2: The Shape of Public/Private Bar Collaboration?

What are the best ways for the public interest and private bars to work together to provide high quality legal services to poor and marginalized people?

  • How can we increase collaboration between all segments of the legal community?

Question One: How to Meet Unmet Needs?

While pro bono programs have proliferated in the past three decades, most legal needs studies say that nearly 80% of the basic legal needs of poor people still remain unmet.  What changes need to be made in the legal services delivery system in order to more significantly use the private bar to meet the legal needs of those who are poor?