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Question 16: Relationship Between Professional Development and Pro Bono?

What should the relationship be between professional development and pro bono services?


Question 15: More extensive use of non-lawyers?

Could well-trained legal assistants and paralegals assume greater responsibility and provide specific forms of legal relief? What matters would be appropriate to such specialized forms of representation?

Question 14.How do we ensure high quality pro bono work?

How do we ensure high quality pro bono work?

Question 13: How Best to Serve Remote Communities?

How do we serve the hard to reach geographical communities?

Question 12: Best Use of Technology?

How can we better use technology? What kinds of information could/should we disseminate, and how?

Question 11: The Pro Se Issue?

The overwhelming majority of low income people appear pro se in court. What should the role of pro bono assistance be for these clients?

Question 10: What systemic issues do you see?

What systemic issues do you see in the delivery of legal services and equal access to justice?   How does pro bono fit (or not) into the big picture?

Question 9: What is the Role of Awards in Generating Pro Bono?

What is the role of rewards/awards in generating pro bono participation? What evidence do you have of their efficacy?

  • What are your best practices in inspiring and rewarding pro bono participation?

Question 8:Best Role for Corporate Counsel? Government Attorneys?

What is the best way to recruit and utilize corporate in house counsel?  Government attorneys?

Question 7: Doing and/or Donating?

Some lawyers prefer to give money rather than their time and skill, and some legal services/pro bono organizations would also prefer this arrangement. Others favor both a monetary and personal commitment to pro bono work/legal services. How do you see this issue? What suggestions do you have?