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Question 16: Relationship Between Professional Development and Pro Bono?

What should the relationship be between professional development and pro bono services?



One thought on “Question 16: Relationship Between Professional Development and Pro Bono?

  1. It makes sense for non-profits to think about how attorneys may develop if they take on the pro bono matter and to explicitly look for opportunities for the pro bono attorney — to interview clients, prepare witness interviews, appear at regulatory or judicial hearings, negotiate deals or pleas, request meetings with government officials, produce documents for which they can claim authorship, present findings at coalition meetings or to officials, monitor hearings and write advocacy memos or regulatory comments for client non-profits. The main question of course is not “what’s in it for me?” from the perspective of the pro bono counsel, much less “how can my non-profit provide training for law firm attorneys?,” but as secondary considerations, these are important questions. The question relates to the prior one about awards — associates might welcome a note to the managing partner about the skills they showed/developed on the project as much as they’d like a certificate or glass doodad.

    Posted by Betsy Cavendish | November 2, 2011, 11:39 am

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